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Just rescued a dog or a cat? New to pet parenting?

We've all been there before, asking ourselves "why is he eating leaves?", "am I feeding her the right stuff?", "is she getting enough stimulation?". 

Instead of spending countless hours scouring the internet for answers, connect with a dedicated pet mentor to guide you through the rewarding world of pet parenting.

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Text JOIN to 917-540-0305 to text with a Pet Mentor

Free support for the first 24-hours.

($2.99 per month thereafter)

How it works

Hi. I just rescued a dog and he hasn't eaten all day. Should I be concerned?

No worries. That tends to happen when a dog is in a new environment. Be sure to call your vet though if he doesn't eat within 48 hours.

Ok that's a relief. While I have you here, any tips on how to get him used to stairs?

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Bodily Functions

Our Pet Mentors aren't shy about talking about bodily functions. They've seen it all before, so go ahead and share a photo of the poo or puke in question.

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Exercise & Stimulation

Get pointers to adequately stimulate and exercise your dog or cat. Pave the way towards a healthy relationship for you and your new pet.

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Behavior & Personality

Sometimes you just need to hear it from someone who has been there before. Your Pet Mentor can share what they did to course-correct common behavior issues.

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Age / Breed Specific

Did you adopt an older dog? Perhaps a specific breed? Our Pet Mentors will share their experiences so you can learn from their mistakes and successes.


What is Geubr?

Geubr is a pet mentorship service that helps new dog and cat parents navigate the challenges and worries of adding a new member to the family. We understand that sometimes it's just easier to text or chat with a dedicated mentor, someone who has been there before, than trying to muddle your way through searching for answers. 

How am I matched?

We make every attempt to match you with a Pet Mentor who has experienced the same sort of pet realities as you. This may include specific pet behavioral issues, age ranges, specific breeds, or even lifestyle. Your Pet Mentor is assigned to you as a dedicated support person so feel free to text them as much or as little as you need. 

Who are the Pet Mentors?

Our Pet Mentors are volunteers who have raised or are raising dogs and cats. They've adopted, fostered, volunteered and lived with pets and know a thing or two about what to expect, how to deal with challenges, and how to provide the best for their animals. Our Pet Mentors share everyday, practical advice based on lived experiences. 

How much does this cost?

The first 24-hour chat period with your dedicated Pet Mentor is free.  Thereafter we charge $2.99 per month for the Essential package so you can continue chatting with and getting advice from your Pet Mentor. We only ask for your credit card payment after the initial 24-hour period.

*This fee is waived for the months of MAY and JUNE*

Are there any other features?

Yes! We have two other tiers of service: Standard and Premium. Standard is $3.99 per month and includes goal setting and tracking features that you and your Pet Mentor can use to complete training, care and wellness activities.

COMING SOON: Our Premium package, at $5.99 per month, gives you access to emergency lost pet services. Your Pet Mentor will immediately get the digital word out about your lost dog or cat so you can spend time looking on the ground.

How do I get started?

To get started with your Pet Mentor, simply text JOIN to 917-540-0305, or message us on Facebook at

Our friendly pet bot will ask you a few 'getting started quetsions' and from there we'll match you to a dedciated Pet Mentor within 24 hours.

What about medical advice?

We do not currently offer veterinary or medical advice. If you are experiencing an emergency or suspect you are experienceing an emergency with your pet, please call your nearest veterinarian's office.

How do I cancel my service?

To cancel, simply send us a message at We cannot refund any part of a month already used, but will cancel all monthly payments going forward.

Want to help?

Become a trained Pet Mentor and share your experiences with new pet parents. Give back to the community of pet lovers and help ensure all pets have happy, loving homes.

Apply here if interested.

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